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Intelligent Document Extraction for Sales Orders

Don’t settle for manual sales processes In this day and age, businesses’ reliance on traditional approaches to sales order processes are seeing a decrease in the productivity and customer return rate. These reasons and more are the cause of the

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about OCR

Most Frequently Asked Question about OCR   What is OCR? OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows scanned text to be converted to an editable document. Normally, when you scan a document, all you get is an image

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)_ Impact for Business in 2021
Business Impact of Intelligent Document Processing in 2021

Data can create serious problems for your company. Data is the backbone of your organization’s workflow and facilitates the daily progress of business processes. At the same time, the pressure to reduce costs, to comply with changing regulations and to

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Intelligent Document Extraction for Finance and Accounting Department

Intelligent Document Extraction for Finance and Accounting Department The world is evolving, so must your company! The upheaval caused by fintech is dramatically changing consumer demands and digital customers’ expectations of modern banking. Consumers want to consult and interact at

Automation software to get info from documents

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