How does Zapbot work?

In the training process, Zapbot will study document patterns. It will also recognize each area of information in it. Zapbot will memorize patterns and fields into files called “models”. Zapbot then uses these models to understand the documents its extracting.

Data Column (sample)

  • Name
  • Supplier
  • Address
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Duration of payment
  • Total number
  • City
  • University name
  • Bank account
  • Item Description
  • Others (can be trained)

Benefits of Using Zapbot

  • Flexible and trainable
  • 3-5 times faster than humans
  • Free your staff from repetitive tasks
  • Cost effective
  • High accuracy
  • Compatible with existing technology/systems

Document Processing for Modern Offices

You do not need to insert information from documents that you have received.
Leave it to Zapbot to handle it and focus on more important tasks.

Automation software to get info from documents

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