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Don’t settle for manual sales processes

In this day and age, businesses’ reliance on traditional approaches to sales order processes are seeing a decrease in the productivity and customer return rate. These reasons and more are the cause of the rise of business process automation and the use of smart document processing technologies. These innovations are not only relevant and trendy, but they are becoming more and more essential for companies looking to keep up.

According to an APQC survey of 167 sales professionals, automating the sales order process reduces costs, enhances customer experience, and accelerates cycle times. To be specific, automation saves $5-$15 per sales order.

Take a step to approach Intelligent Document Extraction software

Intelligent Document Extraction software offers a better approach in automating your sales order. By integrating such software, classification and data extraction of documents can be automated, saving time and money. In addition to native capabilities, you can leverage the dynamic document understanding ecosystem, complemented by leading partner technologies.

In addition, we can view the status of the documents to be processed, upload them to other systems, and retrieve the extracted data via our biased Web API. There is no shortage of industries that can take advantage of intelligent data extraction and increase their optimized data – extraction processes

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IDE (Intelligent Document Extraction) automates sales order processes such as:

  • Retrieving sales orders
  • Extracting sales order data
  • Validating sales order information
  • Electronically routing sales orders for approach and exception handling
  • Uploading sales order information to downstream systems

Zapbot is the answer!

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) allows Zapbot to process and analyze unstructured and semi-structured documents, such as sales orders. RPA solutions with AI capabilities have built-in domain expertise to find unique, process-specific data that’s required for specialized processes.

A combination of computer vision, optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and fuzzy logic automatically extracts and enriches data while machine learning (M)L helps improve the accuracy of captured data.

Intelligent Document Extraction by Zapbot benefits:

  • Enhance accountability
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Improve customer experience
  • Eliminate errors
  • Accelerate business processes
  • Save time and manual work
  • No more misplaced orders.

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