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Intelligent Document Extraction in
Human Resources

Given the potential for innovation that we have in mind, it is easy to see why companies around the world are beginning to take note of AI’s commercial capabilities. From delivering products to customers and their customers to improving essential internal processes, there are many ways artificial intelligence could be useful for business operations. 

This means that the role of AI in these areas has significant crossover functions. Human resources, which include coordinating large amounts of data and dealing with a range of complex compliance issues, is one of the processes that could benefit most from automated algorithmic capabilities and AI technology.

Benefits of deploying Intelligent Document Extraction

  • Employee assessment: AI can be used to identify and evaluate characteristics and trends within an entire employee population, or even individual employees. From a human resources perspective, this has obvious benefits: AI screening identifies productivity problems and skill gaps. On the payroll, AI can be used to quickly and efficiently classify employees and ensure that the right tax bands are assigned. 
  • Compliance focus: Human resources and wage management comprises a complex and constantly changing regulatory landscape as well as a variety of business processes. AI technology offers the ability to tackle a wide range of human resources issues such as payroll, human resources and human capital management.  The automated accuracy of AI reduces the inevitable ‘human error’ factor – dramatically increasing a business’ level of compliance performance.
  • Analytic potential: AI analytics tools have the ability to examine collected and processed data more accurately than human administrators could ever do. AI can be used to structure and process the collected human resources and wage data of a company, identify systemic problems and thus improve the compliance performance. Automating AI accuracy reduces the inevitable human error factors and dramatically increases companies “compliance performance, according to a recent study by the US Department of Labor.
  • Decision Making: In the human resources sector, systemic AI analysis can be used to quickly generate strategies and solutions and enable administrators to efficiently align processes. Personnel accounting processes involve a complicated schedule, which often has to be completed in a short time and often with multiple deadlines. These deadlines mean that administrators are under constant pressure and often have to make important decisions quickly and with limited amounts of information. AI tools can support and accelerate this type of decision – by giving the human resources team insight into possible outcomes and giving them a high level of confidence in addressing these challenges. 
  • Deep learning is a powerful machine learning tool that can be useful for a wide range of applications, even those that are viewed from a limited and real human perspective. AI algorithms can also streamline the recruitment process by identifying and contacting potential external candidates for vacant positions. While this technology offers more immediate human resources, aspects of the technology could also be used to streamline the process of integrating new employees into the organization’s payroll system and register them before they leave.

Automation can increase productivity, improve data security, streamline analytics, and free recruiters from repetitive tasks. Automation of manual processes in your HR department facilitates the handling of work and increases productivity throughout the HR hierarchy.

If you are considering introducing an IDE solution to improve your business processes and want to explore its full capabilities, take a look at Zapbot Intelligent Document Extraction which includes in-depth analysis of the benefits and limitations of a full-fledged enterprise solution. You can also sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION and FREE TRIAL to see how your organization can benefit from an intelligent document processing solution for your human resources department.

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