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Intelligent Document Extraction for Finance and Accounting Department

The world is evolving, so must your company!

The upheaval caused by fintech is dramatically changing consumer demands and digital customers’ expectations of modern banking. Consumers want to consult and interact at the time, place and situation they prefer, and they want to be able to interact at their preferred times, places and situations.

Unfortunately, many types of financial processes still use paper forms – based banking forms that are slow, error-prone, and require a lot of human effort, especially when most human employees now work remotely. In the face of pandemics, banks have seen a dramatic increase in bank fraud cases in recent years. Due to outdated operating models, manual form editing cannot keep up with unexpected spikes.

It’s time to transform

As a result, finance corporations must face digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage by adopting intelligent document processing in all its forms. Internally displaced people are changing the way banks process and process data from their data centres. We are talking about the future of automation, as data is captured and extracted from a variety of formats using a wide range of data processing technologies including cloud, mobile and mobile – first technology.

One of the biggest challenges is to transform big data to fit its goals. There is no doubt that human workers have to cope with the enormous onslaught of data. In addition, the extraction of documents in all forms can be integrated into existing banking processes and processes. Data is always available in a variety of formats, such as text, images, audio, video, text and images.

According to IDC, global data is expected to exceed 175 zettabytes by 2025, and much of it is in scanned files. Administrators would have to manually read, check and extract data from mass files, as well as extract and read it manually.

Intelligent Document Extraction, how can they elevate your company’s efficiency?

As the world changes and changes and new lifestyles change, banks and finance corporations must be prepared to remain relevant. Companies that understand and integrate IDE can rely on the ability to meet rapidly changing customer needs, not just short-term profits. For starters, we can free knowledge workers from having to process bank forms manually immediately. We no longer need to redirect key data from one platform to another, and this supports our mission to improve the customer experience.

Intelligent Document Extraction can read, understand and scan both digital and physical documents, allowing employees to focus on more strategic tasks and respond more quickly to customer needs. As the system is exposed to ever-larger amounts of data, it can learn and improve, freeing human teams to handle more complicated processes.

How IDE benefits your company

benefits of AI based Intelligent Document Extraction Technology OCR

  • Extract customer data, recognize words and numbers
  • Creates an archive of editable and searchable files
  • Eliminate the use of third-party services such as credit monitoring
  • Enable banks to access a wide range of information on the financial situation of the client.
  • Improves customer and employee experience as it provides speed and accuracy
  • Reduce processing time 5X
We provide what you need!

Compared to the other robotic process automation (RPA), Zapbot is driven by a brain called AI. It has advanced AI features to recognize and understand the text and structures in your documents, to automatically transfer it into your I.T. system. AI features allow it to intelligently extract information in multiple different forms and templates. It is quick, easy, and can be trained to understand the pattern of documents just by showing samples of that template.

Watch how Zapbot extracts your documents efficiently.

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