How to Remove Watermark From Documents With A.I (No Coding)

Do you receive a lot of documents with watermark and need to retrieve data from them? Instead of going through them one by one to get the data, try using Zapbot instead!

Zapbot can extract data from a document that has a watermark, unlike other A.I softwares. In most cases, we handle documents with watermarks that need to be removed first before do the data extraction. Zapbot is a solution to this issue as it has Denoise Images and OCR functions which allow Zapbot to extract data even from a watermarked document.

Zapbot’s most prominent feature is the incorporation between OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Artificial Intelligence which allows it to have the eminent capability as intelligent document extraction software. A.I (Machine Learning and NLP) allows Zapbot to self-improving, by means the ability to learn, identify, recognize, and analyze information from structured/semi-structured/unstructured data.

Zapbot will help to automate information extraction and document-processing in various sectors such as banks, insurances, human resources, finance, procurement, shipping, and many more. — Move forward from manual process to automation for improved productivity and empowerment of your time, cost, and resources as it works faster and easier.

By using Zapbot – the intelligent document extraction bot – you can have a faster and easier workload to do! Hand your document processings to Zapbot, and it can intelligently work it all for you with superb accuracy! Zapbot is friendly that it does not require you to use complicated codes – yes, Zapbot is a no-coding software! Moreover, Zapbot understands multi-languages and is flexible, catered to your needs!

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Written by: Elicia Yeo

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