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     Most Frequently Asked Question about OCR

  • What is OCR?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows scanned text to be converted to an editable document. Normally, when you scan a document, all you get is an image file and most computer software cannot recognize the letters. Thus, you cannot edit the text, search through the text, change the formatting in a word processor, and so forth. OCR will help you to recognize each letter and convert it into electronic documents.  The OCR process involves a lot of advanced computer science – but you don’t need to worry about that because Zapbot allows you a smooth image conversion up to the automated data extracting process.

  • How does OCR convert scanned pages into editable text? 

OCR software looks at each line of the image and attempts to determine if the black and white dots represent a particular letter or number. Once the dots are translated, Zapbot’s OCR program stores the result as plain text within the associated text tab for that page. All the documents you collected in Zapbot are thus searchable and you can copy and paste the texts into other documents.

  • Which OCR technology is the best?

There are many good OCR available. However, it is best to find a software vendor that answers your further needs by providing automation in extracting data from documents. Unlike the commercial OCR out there, an AI-powered OCR is the right choice to achieve a higher efficiency data extraction process as it provides many advanced features. 

  • What files can I upload? 

Database, email, scanned receipt, invoices, image, screenshots, almost anything you can think of.

  • Does OCR work for any language? 

OCR can only recognize the specific language which they were set up. 

  • Can OCR read handwriting? 

As everyone’s handwriting is unique, it is uncommon to find OCR that can translate our handwriting into digital data. Zapbot software, however, can identify and classify handwritten documents by type. It can also interpret sentences and paragraphs of continuous text written by humans!

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