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The Role of AI Machine Learning in Document Processing

Intelligent data capture and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions have been used by businesses to automate data extraction from documents. These innovations, however, fall short. It’s time for an intelligent document processing (IDP) solution that brings together the best AI

AI and Automation: Improving Health System

44% health organizations already use artificial intelligence (AI) in one form or another, and more hospitals are trying to apply the technology to improvements in code documentation and clinical documentation. A recent black book survey found about 88% providers are implementing a

OMR: Optical Mark Recognition

OMR OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) is a popular electronic method oof gathering human-handled data by identifying certain markings on a document. OMR scanners use its sensors to detect marked areas on the paper surveys 0 marked areas will reflect less

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Automation in Logistics and Shipping: Intelligent Data Extraction

In this consumer-driven world, people expect goods to be delivered to their doorstep as soon as they click “Buy”. Online retailers that want to offer same-day delivery must ensure their logistics and warehouse operations have the processes and tools that

Differences between Structured, Semi-structured, and Unstructured Data

What is Structured Data? The term structured data refers to a set of information where the formatting, number, and layout are in a fixed field within a file or record. Simply think about a (well organized) Excel sheet, which is

Intelligent Document Processing for Insurance

Many insurance companies face similar challenges when it comes to handling paperwork, and errors in legacy solutions that are not designed for this task can be frequent and costly. This makes manual processing cumbersome and time-consuming, and can cause errors

Traditional OCR vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

OCR – Optical Character Recognition Before OCR and AI existed, optical character recognition (OCR) was already widespread in the 1990s. OCR was able to help business owners automate the processing of physical documents. It allowed companies to scan documents such

Intelligent Document Extraction in Banking

Traditionally, companies process documents manually, but advances in digital technology have opened up ways to make them more efficient. Banks could save millions of time – time-consuming processes that manually search thousands of pages of documents, including bank accounts, annual

5 Ways to Improve OCR Accuracy

Existence of OCR Today, OCR technology has become broadly famous. Since businesses began implementing it, current workflows and business processes have changed a lot. To produce better results in terms of efficiency, some have even developed their own implementations of

initelligent document extraction sales department
Intelligent Document Extraction for Sales Orders

Don’t settle for manual sales processes In this day and age, businesses’ reliance on traditional approaches to sales order processes are seeing a decrease in the productivity and customer return rate. These reasons and more are the cause of the

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