Case Studies

Processing Bulk Documents

Zapbot can extract data from hundreds of documents in minutes. Users can choose any data from all document types and Zapbot will automatically extract it into a spreadsheet.

Zapbot is user friendly as users can create and run scripts for mass processing of digital invoices.

Document Extraction

Train Zapbot with real life data:

  • Practice with real data samples
  • 1 type of invoice usually requires 50 samples
  • Build one model for one template or build one model for multi-template support (more training required)
  • For best results:
    – Digital> print scan
  • Scanning requires a minimum resolution of 300dpi
  • Zapbot is flexible for all document types and has multi-language support


First, insert tags based on the fields where we want to extract data.

This tag will also be used for column names in the spreadsheet.

After step 1, match the highlighted field with the correct tag.

Text can be identified by Zapbot even in a colored text box. The user needs to label (highlight in green) the field for which the data will be extracted.


Identify, Read, and Extract Data with Markings

ID Card Extraction

Handwriting Detection

Watermarked Document Extraction

Automation software to get info from documents

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