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A.I Intelligent Document Extraction Software to improve business processes

What is Zapbot?

Zapbot is an intelligent document extraction software that combines OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Machine Learning to extract information from various types of documents (eg invoices, bills, ID cards, etc.). It can read information from digital documents or use OCR to convert scanned images from documents into digital data, and in turn identify the type of data. This will help to automate information extraction and document processing in various sectors such as banks, insurance, human resources, finance, procurement shipments, and more.

A.I. For Machine Learning

❑ Machine learning can be used on both structured and unstructured data.

❑ Patterns and trends can be detected from structured data for predictive analysis.

❑ Machine learning can extract specific information from unstructured data 

A.I. For Natural Language Processing

❑ This AI category allows machines to process and analyze human (natural) language.

❑ With NLP, machines can be taught to interpret sentences and paragraphs of continuous text written by humans.

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Intelligent Data Extraction Software

This business process is still very dependent on manual work and there are many documents that needs to be processed. Research shows that more than 60% of the data is semi-structured or unstructured, which makes automation difficult. Zapbot bridges the gap with A.I. (natural language processing and machine learning) to understand the data, classify it, and arrange it for easier automation.

Intelligent Document Extraction Software 2021
Intelligent Document Extraction Software 2021

Self improvement with AI

Zapbot will learn and improve with more training data, regardless of document type or structure. Zapbot’s accuracy will improve with more training data. No need for complicated programming. It can even handle documents in various languages, such as Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai.

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