How To Streamline Processes With Intelligent Document Extraction

Whether you are a bank or insurance company, you need to extract information from PDF files. You need to carry out this process in order to know your customer better. Intelligent document extraction can simplify this process, as you need to perform optical character recognition. The PDF files are searchable in digital format, and since they are images, the data are in semi-structure form.

As a bank or insurer, you must know your customer’s important information. You have to do a diligence check in your blacklist database, based on the information your customer has given you. However, you have to extract the data from PDF in order to conduct the checking.


So why do you need intelligent document extraction? Sometimes the list of names in the table goes to another page. Some of the template based PDF file does not work well as the company profiles are different for each country. It will be difficult or impossible to extract the document, so we have to look at the position of the text on the page when extracting the intelligence document. Before we can do the extraction, the robot must understand their content so that they can learn the format and meaning of each text in order to obtain the right data.


Our robot must be trained with machine learning to understand the text. We must train it with the right data, such as the text content and format. The advantage of this system is that it is more robust and can handle missing data, such as mixed data. The downside is that training data is required, but it is still useful for a number of applications. Our robot allows you much better accuracy when extracting intelligence documents while saving you plenty of time and costs.


Written by: Elicia Yeo

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