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Efficient Document Processing With Zapbot

Zapbot is automation software, the latest technology that enhances business processes by automating it in the extraction of documents. This was enhanced by Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) to specialize in information extraction automation.

ZapBot software makes it easy for people to extract a lot of documents in pdf format with a seamless process. ZapBot software will provide greater performance, scalability, accuracy, and consistency in your business operations.

Some of Zapbot’s Main Capabilities are as follows:

  • ZapBot Designer can automate repetitive processes as easy as extracting a large number of documents that must be done repeatedly.
  • You can also review your instructions and test it, you can be sure of that. ZapBot software will do the same steps correctly and accurately.
  • Schedule tasks anytime, even when you sleep, so documents can be ready when you start work.
  • Easily manage the process of extracting your files and documents in the order and location.
  • Track activities that have been equipped with log files, so you can find all the tasks that you have done.

Zapbot software can be used by anyone and its ability can help many companies to increase their productivity. As for the ZapBot software can be used with system requirements as follows:

Basic Requirements

  • Operating system (OS): Windows 32-bit or 64-bit
  • RAM: 4GB or higher
  • Processor speed: 2.4 GHz or higher
  • Hard-disk space: 3GB or more free space
  • Graphic Driver: Open GL Version (2.0) or higher
  • Graphic memory (GPU): Minimum 512 MB
  • Access rights : To install software/ run .exe file

Most documents can be processed automatically with current technologies if they can be converted into structured data. Therefore, the quality of data extraction is the biggest obstacle to the automation of valuable back-office activities. Zapbot is a solution efficient document processing that can help you in bulk document repeatedly.

With high-performance solutions available and possible advantages of automation, it is clear that data extraction needs to be automated. However, most large enterprises deal with hundreds of various types of processes, and what processes must first be automated must be identified. ZapBot offers significant advantages in a short time to persuade management to automate further processes.

Ideally, automating from high volume, complicated documents with the most advanced processing steps will begin. We have helped many finance companies, insurance companies, and various large institutions to simplify their work by automating document extraction.



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