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Can You Automate Machine Learning?

An artificial intelligence machine has the capacity to perform cognitive functions, such as perception, learning, reasoning and resolving problems. When a computer has cognitive ability, artificial comprehension exists. The human standard of thought, voice, and vision is the reference point for AI. Machine learning allows the robot to learn to be more “human”. But it is possible to automate machine learning as well?

While technology exists for automating certain machine learning tasks, no one has been able to fully automate it. This means that certain human professionals are still needed to explore information and build machine learning solutions.

Data scientists are the people who look at data, clean it up, check algorithms that they think might predict correctly, and then turning these algorithms up until they work properly.

If the data scientists are fortunate, they have tools to efficiently perform these work and they can even use these trained machine-learning models to create production environments and predict data outside their computer or staging.

Many vendors of learning machines, from Google to startups, claim that machine learning can be automated. However, the skills of data scientists are difficult to automate, and individuals who are seeking to acquire automatic AI should know exactly what can be automated with current technology and what can not. There are many activities that data scientists carry out. During the automation of some of these tasks, you will still be dependent on data scientists, unless you can automate all your tasks.

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